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Quad Bike and ATV Training – LANTRA and NPTC

ATV Training for Mule, Gator, Ranger, JCB Workmax, Kubota

Beyond 4×4’s ATV and Quad Bike Trainers provide LANTRA (Lantra Awards), RoSPA and NPTC (City and Guilds) level training courses across the whole of the UK.

All-Terrain Vehicle Training Courses in your workplace

We can provide professional training for your sit astride quad bike riders and sit-in ATV drivers across the UK. We mainly run Integrated Training and Assessment (ITA) courses, though after training candidates can be independently assessed by an NPTC (G&G) assessor if required to confirm competence when working in high risk environments. (Note: We highly recommend sourcing NPTC Assessments direct with a local assessment centre, to ensure accuracy and independence.)

Lantra Sit-In and Sit-Astride ATV courses are recommended by the HSE for professional operators.

Our ATV and quad bike courses have been used by the UK Military and Military Police, and organisations such as National Parks Rangers and the National Trust, as well as a variety of industrial and commercial operators.

Lantra Quad Bike Training CoursesWe provide one and two day courses for quad bike (Sit-Astride) riders, depending upon candidate numbers, requirements and included elements. We also run Sit-In ATV (or UTV) training for side-by-side machines such as the Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator, JCB Workmax and Kubota RTV vehicles. Skid-steer ATV training is also available for both tracked machines such as the Softrak and wheeled machines like the Argocat.

We have trained quad riders in agricultural situations, with trailers and towed equipment such as flails and harvesters, industrial ATV operators, on a variety of sites from landfill sites to shopping centres, forestry contractors and local parks and gardens staff. We have more recently worked with several organisations who have required training for ATVs and quad bikes with towed gritters and snowploughs.

Training can be arranged at your workplace (if you have a suitable site), or at one of our centres throughout the UK.

If you would like us to give you any information on the courses we provide or are interested in Quad Bike Instructor Training Courses, please contact us: info@beyond4x4.co.uk

LANTRA 1 Day Sit-astride ATV Quad Bike Courses

Quad Bike Training Courses - Lantra-Awards

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LANTRA 2 Day Sit-astride ATV Quad Bike Courses

Quad Bike Training Courses - Lantra-Awards

The 2 day quad bike training course is designed for larger groups of ATV operators who have not previously had accredited training.

Training can be provided…

LANTRA Sit-In ATV Training for Ranger, Mule, Gator, Kubota

ATV Training for Mule, Gator, Ranger, JCB Workmax, Kubota

The Lantra-Awards Sit-In ATV training course is the HSE approved qualification for professional drivers of side by side utility terrain vehicles (UTV) such as the…

Off Road ATV Instructor Training Course

ATV Instructor Training Courses

ATV Instructor Training Course

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Off Road Quad Bike Instructor Training Course

Quad Bike Instructor Training Courses

Quad Bike Instructor Training Course

Training to be a Quad Bike instructor isn’t necessarily a complicated process for those who already hold their quad bike qualification…

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