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LANTRA 4×4 Training

Lantra 4x4 Off Road Driver Training

Our LANTRA Off Road 4×4 driving professional users course is designed for all drivers who need to use their vehicles in off road situations at work.

The two-day course is ideal for any delegate who has not previously had professional training in all-terrain vehicle use and risk assessment. Both the full two day course and one day 4×4 refresher fulfil PUWER requirements for off-road use only, but can be combined with 4×4 on-road driver training and assessment to ensure full compliance.

The course covers:

  • The vehicle – it’s capabilities and limitations
  • The environment – reading terrain and safe techniques for all off road situations
    • Off road technology – differential locks, ABS, Descent controls and Traction Control
    • Common additions to off-road vehicles
    • Hill Ascents
    • Hill Descents
    • Failed Ascents
    • Skid avoidance and handling
    • Regaining traction
    • Cross Axle situations
    • Common off-road hazards
    • Safeguarding the environment
  • Health & Safety legislation for off-road drivers (PUWER & HSAW)
    • Controlling and ensuring a safe working environment while off road

Lantra-Awards 4×4 Professional Operator pdf download.

2 Day LANTRA Off Road Vehicles – 4×4 Professional Users:

Cost: From £350-£1200/candidate, depending on number of candidates, venue and vehicle hire.

Duration: 2 days

Venue: We now have Lantra-Awards Approved venues across the UK, including Inverness, Ayrshire, South Wales, the Midlands, Suffolk, south east and south west England and of course our main base in Cumbria.

Certification: Lantra-Awards 4×4 Professional Off-Road Driving certification.

All training is restricted to a training ratio of 1 trainer to no more than 3 trainees.

Lantra 1 day 4x4 training course1 day Off Road Training (LANTRA Experienced Operator Certification):

Cost: From £200-£650 depending on number of candidates, venue and vehicle hire.

Duration: 1 day

Venue: Any of our LANTRA approved 4×4 sites.

Certification: Lantra-Awards 4×4 Professional Off-Road Driving certification.

Our 1 day refresher course is ideal for professional users who can provide us with proof of previous training (Lantra, RoSPA, C&G (NPTC) or BORDA may be accepted), or extensive off-road driving experience.

Lantra-Awards Off Road Driving, 4x4, ATV and Quad Bike certification

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), anyone who is provided with specialist equipment (4×4 vehicles come under this title) must be trained in their use. Our training is usually undertaken at one of our main bases across the UK, though we may be able to do training elsewhere, subject to our assessment of the site.

The one day course is not a money saving option – if a delegate needs the full training we will recommend the 2 day course, and will not certificate the course until it has been completed. The one day course is designed for those who have previously had LANTRA or equivalent 4×4 driver training.

“Once again, thank you for delivering an excellent, structured 4×4 course, it is very much appreciated. It was a tiring but very rewarding day and learnt loads.” – P.S. – advanced driving coach & RoSPA examiner UK, Africa and eastern Europe.

For more details about 4×4 training, or if you wish us to provide a training proposal, please contact:


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