4x4 Training

Professional on and off-road 4x4 training

On Road 4×4 Training and Assessment

On Road 4x4 Handling and Driver Assessments

On road driver assessments are essential for everyone who drives for work whether in their own vehicle or a company provided one. As 4×4 specialists, we can tailor our courses to the model specification and will cover all of the requirements for PUWER relating to on-road use. Our off-road 4×4 courses can also be added to ensure drivers are fully compliant.

4×4 Fleet Driver Training from ¬£150/person:

Courses can be tailored to your specific needs and can be undertaken from either your workplace or one of our venues across the UK. Training is carried out in the driver’s own vehicle. Prices start from ¬£450/day, depending upon venue, and up to¬†3 people can be trained per instructor.

For companies with a large number of drivers, we can provide 4×4 driving assessments with up to 6 drivers per day, costing from as little as ¬£80/candidate. This can be an ideal way to interview potential candidates, provide an action plan for training or provide evidence of experience, skills and knowledge for drivers who do not require ‘novice’ training.

4×4 Familiarisation and Winter Driving

Many 4×4 operators, especially in larger fleets, will rarely leave hard track, though their requirement for all year round operation means they have little choice but to run pick-up trucks or similar. As with 4×4, the requirement for training under PUWER is placed upon employers, while operators need to understand both the capabilities and limitations of their vehicles. Due to the larger size, weight and higher centre of gravity, these vehicles can often be more dangerous in winter conditions than a standard car if not used correctly. Our clients have asked us to provide a 4×4 course for these drivers, who don’t need to go ‘off-road’, but do need to understand grip, steering and braking limitations, as well as how all of the modern technology (ABS, ESP/ESC and traction control) work in their vehicles.

4x4 SAFED Fuel Efficiency TrainingSafe And Fuel Efficient Driving Courses for commercial 4×4 drivers:

As we all know – 4×4’s aren’t particularly fuel efficient, so if your company runs commercial 4×4’s (any vehicle with a load carrying area qualifies) you should run on road driver training such as the SAFED for Vans, or the Energy Saving Trust Ecodriving course.

Defensive and eco-driving techniques are essential¬† for 4×4 drivers who have to deal with dynamics and high centres of gravity similar to those in commercial vans.

Depending upon your requirements, we can either run the SAFED course for your commercial 4×4 operators, or incorporate the EST Ecodriving short course (around 50 minutes) into our familiarisation training.

For more information on all of our 4×4 training, or if you wish us to provide a training proposal, please contact:


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