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LANTRA, BORDA, NPTC, RoSPA & DVSA 4×4 Off Road Qualifications

4x4 and ATV qualification accrediting bodies

What do all the 4×4 accreditations mean, and who are the certificating bodies?

LANTRA Awards and BORDA are the two main bodies whose qualifications cover off-road driving in the UK. RoSPA also certificate a 4×4 training course as part of their driver training offering. The NPTC and City and Guilds provide certification for off-roading. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are the government body who regulate driver training – if your 4×4 is a car then your instructor must be DVSA approved.

We provide on and off-road training certified by Lantra-Awards and, through our colleagues, can provide both the RoSPA 4×4 and BORDA courses.

If you use (or provide for use) a 4×4 in the course of your business – you must ensure that all users are trained in their use under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER – H&S guide) 1998. Health and Safety regulations mean that the employer is liable for misuse of the equipment they provide (or even equipment they don’t provide, as long as it is used for the purposes of the business). So the legal requirement is there.

On the plus side – having well trained operators can save you a fortune in mechanical repairs and costs – vehicle sympathy is a big element of the professional 4×4 courses, and simply by training your employees you could save more than the cost of the training in the first year alone.

Training costs range from around £240 for a 1 day refresher course per person, up to around £1300 to train 3 people over 2 days, depending on the requirements.


Are “The Sector Skills Council for land-based and environmental industries”, and oversee providers of a huge range of qualifications relevant to the countryside industries. The Lantra Awards professional qualification is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive. Lantra Awards courses are also recognised by all major landowners, regional and national government. The Lantra-Awards 4×4, ATV and Quad Bike courses are recognised as the industry standard. Of these accrediting organisations, Lantra-Awards are the only one with HSE Accrediting Body status.

Lantra Awards instructors, their courses and the sites they work on are regularly assessed and re-appraised. The Lantra Awards ATV courses fulfil HSAW and PUWER. The winching courses also cover lifting regulations (LOLER). When combined with on-road training, for example through our customised familiarisation course, our Lantra-Awards 4×4 courses are fully compliant.

LANTRA Awards have been made aware of the legal problems regarding 4×4 driver training both on and off-road, regarding the requirement for trainers to be DVSA ADIs, and are working to ensure that all of their instructors are providing training legally, however, Beyond Driving will not run category B vehicle training courses with non-DVSA Approved Driving Instructors.

LANTRA Homepage: With information and News from the whole of LANTRA

LANTRA Awards: Training, qualifications and providers



Are the British Off Road Driving Association, who provide off road driver training and guidance for company and recreational 4×4 and ATV (quad bike etc) users.


BORDA have in recent years concentrated more on their professional qualifications and are applying the same rigor to these as they have historically brought to their events work. BORDA do not believe there is any requirement for their trainers to be DVSA Approved Driving Instructors, and on-road risk is not an integral part of their courses. If you’re looking to source professional training, ensure that your training provider is acting legally by using only DVSA ADIs, and that any recommendations do not conflict with your occupational road risk management.


RoSPA 4x4 Training

RoSPA have been heavily involved in driver training for many years, and certificate advanced, fleet and 4×4 drivers, as well as ATV operators.

RoSPA: with information on all the courses they provide.

RoSPA’s driver training credentials are normally impeccable, though their 4×4 work is not run in-house, unlike much of the standard fleet driver training courses. Not all of their trainers are ADIs, though the ones we work with are.

NPTC City and Guilds

The NPTC are the National Proficiency Testing Council and are a part of City & Guilds. NPTC assessments are available for 4×4 operators, and the level of competency expected is similar to that required by Lantra. Usually, the Lantra course, due to it’s integrated training and assessment will prove more cost efficient. Though the criteria for assessment is available openly, we are unaware of whether C&G NPTC 4×4 assessors are required to have any knowledge of occupational road risk, so we cannot recommend this option.



Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA



This is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA, formerly the Driving Standards Agency DSA) – the government department who regulate driving instruction, and a part of the Department for Transport.

Driving Instructors are the only people who can legally train anyone to drive a car or car based 4×4. When organising training for you or your company then decide whether you need any element of the training to be undertaken in a 4×4 vehicle under 3.5tonnes (any 4 wheel drive which is legally regarded as a category B vehicle). If it does – you should ensure that the training provider is a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor. Any training provider who asks for payment for car driver training who isn’t a DVSA ADI is breaking the letter of the law. (see our correspondence from the DSA outlining their position on off-road driver training.)

DVSA ADIs can also be Fleet Registered, meaning they have had extra training in how to deal with full licence holders and company drivers – with expert knowledge of risk assessment and company law.

DVSA Fleet training is essential so that companies conform to Health and Safety regulations while driving on road on work related business either in a personal or company car. Most Fleet Training providers have little or no experience of 4×4 vehicles, so can only provide limited driver training for 4×4 users. See our 4×4 PUWER compliance article for more information.

Very few off-road trainers are also DVSA registered.

At Beyond Driving we only use instructors who are both DVSA ADIs and Lantra Awards registered trainers.

If you want any help working out what training is the most suitable for yourselves, or if you are looking for a 4×4 Instructor Course – feel free to contact us:

Phone: 01404 540 424

Email: info@beyond4x4.co.uk

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