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Cumbria 4×4 Training and LANTRA ATV Qualifications

Published on 21 September 2013 in LANTRA 4x4 Training Venues, Off Road Training North

4×4 Off Road Training, LANTRA ATV and Quad Bike Courses

We have some of the most highly qualified 4×4 and ATV trainers in the UK at Beyond Driving’s Cumbrian 4×4 site. In order to keep our high standards of training we only use fully qualified Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructors (DSA ADIs) to undertake our training.

All our trainers are also qualified as either LANTRA 4×4 trainers, or DSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainers, or both.

What this means is that unlike most professional 4×4 off road trainers – we can also legally train you in advanced On Road techniques, and can fulfill your occupational road risk assessment requirements under Health & Safety regulations.

Why undertake 2 lots of driver training when we can do both?

Being 4×4 specialists, we have specially tailored our road training to deal with the problems encountered by off road vehicles. Extra weight, height, the technical advantages and the unexpected limitations of all terrain vehicles are all covered.

LANTRA 1 day 4×4 course:

This can be used either to re-qualify for people whose certification period needs renewing, or as a part certification for the LANTRA Professional Certification. Under certain circumstances we will allow users with extensive knowledge or certification from other bodies (eg: BORDA) to use this short course to gain full LANTRA certification – please contact us to confirm this.

Accreditation: LANTRA Awards Certificated course.

Venue: 300 acre LANTRA approved site 10 minutes from the M6 in Cumbria.

Trainer: Fully LANTRA & DSA qualified.

Cost: From £235/customer.

LANTRA 2 day 4×4 Professional User’s Course:

As above, but is designed for those who have not previously had professional off road driver training.

Cost: From £435/person.

Complete LANTRA Off Road and DSA/SAFED On Road Training Course:

This course combines our On Road and Off Road training courses into 3 days of the best 4×4 training you can get.

Accreditation: LANTRA 4×4 Off Road Certification. Beyond Driving On Road Certification.

Duration: 3 days.

Venue: As above.

Trainer: DSA Fleet Driver Trainer and LANTRA Professional 4×4 Instructor.

Cost: From £635/person.

Choose a suitable 4×4 training course:
LANTRA 4×4 Off Road Training qualifications & Certification 4×4 Familiarisation and Winter Driver Training Winching & Recovery Training for 4×4 Operators Trailer Training LANTRA DSA Quad Bike Training and off-road ATV qualifications

or for more information, contact us:


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