Off Road Training North

On and off road training, ATV, quad bike and 4×4 driving courses in the North of England. LANTRA and DSA trainers, courses and qualifications for professionals.

Training at your venue in the North of England

We provide 4×4 on-road and familiarisation courses, winch training, trailer handling, ATV and quad bike training at clients’ sites throughout the whole of the East of England.

Lantra-Awards Approved Sites – North

We have access to Lantra-Awards approved 4×4 sites in the North of England, where we provide both the full 4×4 Professional Off-Road Driving courses as well as Experienced Operator certification and refresher training. Have a look at our Lantra 4×4 Locations to find an approved off-road site near you.

We are updating with new locations regularly and add them regularly, but if you don’t find a location listed in your area – contact us as we can usually find somewhere local to you or your candidates.

Cumbria 4×4 Training and LANTRA ATV Qualifications

4x4 Off Road Training, LANTRA ATV and Quad Bike Courses We have some of the most highly qualified 4x4 and ATV trainers in the UK at Beyond Driving's Cumbrian 4x4 site. In order to keep our high standards of training we only use fully qualified Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructors (DSA ADIs) to undertake our training. All our trainers are also qualified as either LANTRA 4x4 trainers, or DSA Registered...

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4x4 Familiarisation and Winter Driving

4x4 Familiarisation, winter and adverse weather training courses

We regularly run 4×4 familiarisation courses for utilities companies preparing for winter, in order for them to comply with the Provision and Use of Work…

LANTRA 4x4 Training

Lantra 4x4 Off Road Driver Training

The Lantra 4×4 Professional Off-Road Driving course is designed for all drivers who are expected to use their 4×4 vehicle off road, and is ideal…

4x4 Winch & Recovery Training

Winch Training and 4x4 recovery courses

We provide the Lantra-Awards Health and Safety in Winching Operations course, either from one of our 4×4 sites or in the workplace. We gear the…

Unimog, Pinzgauer, Hagglunds and Specialist Vehicles

Pinzgauer, Hagglunds and Unimog training - specialist off-road vehicles

Specialist vehicles such as the Unimog, Pinzgauer and Hagglunds BV206 require specialist on and off-road training. At Beyond 4×4 we have the expertise to provide…

Emergency Services 4x4, Quad and ATV Training

Emergency Services off-road 4x4 responder training courses

Off-road training for responders

Many response drivers are equipped with off-road capable vehicles, from the standard 4×4, through custom ambulance conversions, ATVs and quad bikes. Beyond…

Legislation for professional 4x4 drivers and off-roaders

4x4 and ATV Legislation

There is a lot of legislation surrounding the use of 4×4 vehicles and ATVs, so we try to concentrate on laws and regulations for those…

4x4 Instructor Training

Off-Road 4x4 and ATV Instructor Training Courses

4×4 Instructor Training, including information for how to become a quad bike or ATV instructor. National qualifications or in-house training, we can help you through…

Off Road Articles & 4×4 Techniques

4x4 Articles and Blog

We are constantly working to ensure that our clients recieve the best information we can give them about 4×4 driving, ATV and off-road best practice…

4x4 Training

Professional on and off-road 4x4 training

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